Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rudd's Daughter Alix Featured as PaloAltoGreen Customer of the Month

PaloAltoGreen Member Spotlight

Alix Mayer

You may recognize spotlight member Alix Mayer from hawking PaloAltoGreen brochures at Al’s film, An Inconvenient Truth. She and other environmentally conscious Palo Altans justified their technique by figuring “if you weren’t already signed up for the program, you’d want to do something about CO2 after seeing the movie.”

Rallying communities around renewable energy runs in Alix’s family: her late mom, Rudd Mayer, started the first wildly successful carbon-offset program in Colorado in 1998. “I’m an MBA which made me doubt her “wimpy” grassroots approach”, says Alix. “I and the other naysayers were wrong. The grassroots campaign convinced 32,000 customers to choose wind energy with their utility bill – fully subscribing the [wind program in] Colorado.”

Alix’s mom Rudd campaigning
for Wind Power in 1998

Whether she’s donning her “Parents inspired by Al” T-shirt at the movies, proudly displaying “Another Palo Altan for Renewable Energy” yard sign, or being interviewed on national TV, Alix is once again proving how effective grassroots techniques can be. Her boundless enthusiasm and community organizing is a contributing reason for the unprecedented success of PaloAltoGreen.