Friday, June 29, 2007

Rudd Mayer Memorial Endowment at Western Resource Advocates

Western Resource Advocates established the Rudd Mayer Memorial Endowment Fund in 2005 with a gift from Rudd's estate. They have recently updated their website with a way to donate directly to the fund. It is a great way to ensure WRA can continue its amazing environmental policy work for years to come. Here is part of what WRA has to say about Rudd and this gift:

It says a lot about an organization when an employee chooses to make such a gift, but it says far more about the giver. Rudd was simply amazing. During her ten years with WRA, Rudd developed a very successful approach to developing grassroots support for wind power.

Rudd's family is thrilled about the endowment in Rudd's name at WRA.